The Power of Linking Locally, Connecting Globally


Linked Local Network (LLN) is a community enterprise dedicated to creating advantageous interactive communities online and offline by bringing together businesses, professionals, residents, non-profits, and public agencies. LLN’s provides a digital platform where an online community connects via social media networks to the local offline community leading to new relationships, increased support systems, and shared resources for a better global community.

Linked Local Network creates inclusive interactive communities, locally and globally.  In support of building strong communities, LLN partners with local non-profits to provide platforms for their messaging encouraging full community engagement and financial support.  Site content is intended for residents, businesses and non-profits alike.  Just like your home town, LLN is a microcosm of business, families, and volunteer support.

The digital platform consists of websites (Hubs) based on geographic location or topic to create communities focused on similar interests, priorities, and desires.  These Hubs host fresh written, audio, and visual content.  Written content is provided by business and citizen bloggers as well as key feeds from local government services and reliable news sources.  LLN is differentiated by also offering a full platform of radio and video shows designed to inform and connect communities.

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The Benefits of Linked Local Network Partnership

LLN is a readymade platform that your business can plug into complete with steady traffic and a community ready to hear your message.  Plugging into LLN gives you the strength and reach you could not create on your own.  Plus it gives you the legitimacy and endorsement of others one can not generate on a single company-focused website.  On LLN you are not just selling your product, you are a respected business professional sharing knowledge.  It is that opt-in expertise that will propel your business to new heights. 

The power behind LLN is our Syndication Peer Network™.  For every thought leader in the social media realm there are ten (10) followers who comment.  For each individual who comments, there are ten (10) individuals who see and digest the information.  LLN’s Syndication Peer Network is built on providing thought leaders with outlets to share their message with commenters who will expand the message to their follower base.  The result is more posts, more comments, and more views than any one person could produce on their own.

Being a LLN Partner is a special opportunity to engage with a worldwide audience, and those close to home.  As a Partner, your business has the opportunity to be seen by 3.5  million unique visitors through LLN.  LLN offers traditional advertising combined with expert brand building content to maximize your exposure.

Consumers and business prospects are searching for experts.  By providing multiple educational blogs per month, you and your business have the opportunity to show your expertise to millions of prospective clients.  You share educational content to promote your brand.  LLN provides networked placement for posting and expert social media promoting.  You gain the power of a Syndication Peer Network system and social media force not possible on a single company website.  Then the traditional site advertising provides the call-to-action to encourage engagement with your prospective clients.


#1:  Brand Building

LLN provides you with a format to get your message out and to connect you with your prospective customers on a much deeper level.  Prospective clients do not just see your logo and offer; they experience your full brand (expertise, tone, mission, differentiation, value) consistently.  LLN Hubs provide the forum to have online relationships rivaling the power of in-person networking with less time investment (no traveling, time at event, or follow up) and greater reach.  Consumers need to know and trust your brand.  LLN gives you a way to help them do just that.  Help customers understand the core of your brand.

#2:  Frequency

Conventional wisdom believes it takes your prospective customer hearing your message at a minimum of eight (8) times before being ready to act.  This is due to the prospective client not being ready when they first hear the message, being worried about the price, and most importantly because they do not yet know and like you.  On top of the necessity to hear your message multiple times before action, due to the overwhelming number of messages being received it may take at least three (3) communication attempts before the consumer actually hears your message.  That is a minimum twenty-four (24) messages before your prospective customer is ready to act.  LLN provides you with the forum to reach your prospects multiple times without being spammy or intrusive.

#3:  Be Found

When a business tries to push traffic to their site without true content, Google and other search engines will block the sites.   With LLN you are leveraging the power of LLN content generation system, Syndication Peer network, and social media promotional systems.  The network of columnists, radio shows, and Partners provide the content needed to draw traffic again and again. The exclusive LLN social media outreach provides a wide net of awareness generating a Google-proof funnel for you and your message.

#4:  Save Time & Effort  

The system is in place.  You only need to tap into it.  LLN’s Syndication Peer Network reduces the time spent on syndicating your message across multiple platforms.  You provide your content and LLN manages the distribution.  You can even let the professional LLN team create custom content for you.  LLN helps companies successfully amplify their core market presence while reducing costs associated with building their brand.  LLN is the one stop to maximize and promote your brand.

#5:  Multi-Touch

Using 3 channels (mix of channels or mix within a channel) provides a 35% increase in XX over a single channel and sales go up 500%.   Through LLN your advertorial posts are shared throughout the network’s Hubs and social media platforms for multiple exposures.  Plus LLN offers offline connection opportunities too.  Opportunities with Linked Local Network include a customized profile page, blog posts on multiple Hubs, calendar promotion of your events, audio and video postings, radio guest spots, and in-person events.  Use the multichannel power of LLN to maximize your message.

#6:  Personalized Program

Take advantage of the value added marketing services and training.  Don’t just place an ad.  Work with our in-house marketing team to make the most of your presence in the LLN network by learning how to get your brand noticed, trusted, and followed, creating content ideas to effectively reach your target, and successfully the Network to reach your potential customers.



What You Get

Website Audit

  • 5-Point Company Website Audit with recommendations to maximize your traffic and conversion rate
  • Your own home page on the LLN site including information on your business, click to call, Google maps/directions, teaser links to your blog posts, and audio/visual commercials (some packages).
  • Can customize URL (
  • 400-600 Word posts to promote your brand and expertise.
  • Post It For Me:  You create own articles and we will post them on LLN for you.
  • Do It For Me:  Have our expert staff create posts based on your marketing plan.
  • Each ad is visible for 4 seconds.
  • Based on current site visit statistics, your ad will be visible at least once per visit.
  • Promote your events bringing your online campaign offline for face-to-face contact.
  • Additional visibility for you and your brand.

Your Web Page

Brand-Building Monthly Content

Rotating Ad


Partner Page Listing

Radio Show Appearance

The Numbers


  • 2013 Year to Date, 1.09 million visitors
  • 160K visitors for month of June through 6/24
  • New visitors per day
    • Independent sources report over 1000
    • LLN statistics show 400 – 10,000 spread over five (5) Hubs
    • 4.54 page views per visit
    • 1:13 minute per visit
    • 1037 views per day, reading 12 pages, 1minute per page
    • 12k hits per day ISP

The Network

Online Hub System

Interest-Focused Hubs

  • Automotive:
  • Business:*
  • Education:*
  • Self-Help:
  • Veterans:
  • Women:*

Location-Focused Hubs

  • Alabama – Birmingham:
  • Arizona – Phoenix:
  • Illinois – Arlington Heights:*
  • Illinois – Palatine:*
  • Illinois – Schaumburg:*
  • Illinois – Wheeling:*
  • Massachusetts – Boston:
  • Wisconsin – Milwaukee:
  • UK – Hertfordshire:
  • UK – St. Alban’s:

* denotes launched Hubs

Linked Local Radio Network

Business Shows

  • Bizz Buzz Radio with Catherine Johns and Michele Rempel
  • Business with Ivor – Live from St. Alban
  • Making LemmonAide from the Lemons that come in your business with Cam Lemmon
  • Perspectives On Mergers and Acquisitions with Jim Treleaven
  • Segueway to Success with Brent Hamacheck and Tom Kuchan
  • The Federal Sales Sherpa Show with Eileen Kent
  • Trend On with Tamara Leigh
  • The Empowerment Show with Melissa Heisler
  • The Road to Recovery with Dan Czuba
  • Community with Marie Lazarra

Resident Shows

Non-Profit Shows

Linked Local Network Partnership

The first three Partnerships are available in cost savings Post It for Me service where you provide the blog posts and we distribute them in LLN and social media platforms and in time saving Do It for Me service where, based on your Strategic Social Media Plan, we create the blog posts for you (includes two drafts for your approval) and then we distribute them in LLN and social media platforms.  Don’t have a Strategic Social Media Plan?  Don’t worry, we can help you create one.

Brand Launcher

Begin promoting your brand online through this entry-level package.  Introduce your company and brand to readers by showing your expertise.  Then close the sale with your call to action rotating ad.

Brand Builder

Expand your presence with weekly written posts and an additional video post spread throughout the social media sphere.  Also introduce your target audience to your products and services with your own audio commercial on your Customized Profile Page.

Brand Booster

Establish your brand through twice weekly posts promoted on LLN and additional social media platforms.  Bump up your business message by posting your own video commercial.  Increase traffic to your events through monthly radio promotion of your events.  Show your expertise and promote your brand by being a guest on one of LLN radio programs.

Brand Maximizer

Magnify your message!  Working with LLN Brand Specialists, you will receive professionally-crafted video and written posts to maximize awareness of your brand and promote your sales message.  Through the SocialPR™ program, our team will create one video post and three written posts weekly.   You fill out a short questionnaire, provide a company representative for a day to record the video posts, and approve the written posts (includes 2 drafts each).  We take care of everything else.  There is no better way to easily and effectively promote your brand by highlighting your expertise.   Currently available only in the Chicagoland area.

Audio and Video Commercial content and production not included in any package.

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