What is Linked Local Network?

Linked Local Network (LLN) provides a digital platform where an online community connects via social media networks to the local offline community leading to new relationships, increased support systems, and shared resources for a better global community.

Linked Local Network is a gathering place for news and information close to home and across the world
–Introduces visitors to communities and businesses .
–Help searchers find important information that caters to their interests and needs

Linked Local Network supports its subscribers through Signature Pages
–Pushing content rich, engaging information into the social sphere across all platforms
–Provides businesses with digital opportunities to promote their products and brands

Linked Local Network is the online solution for small business
–One stop shop to create social media presence and active online promotion
–Feature-rich Signature Pages replace the need for a website or provide a secondary source of visitors to an existing site

Content Driven
–Content-rich engaging articles to help customers find you and build a relationship with your business and your expertise
–Increase ranking on all search engines through rich and connecting content
–Content is out in the social media sphere longer and builds a stronger presence over time
–Constant influx of new visitors

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