How Is Linked Local Network Different?

Not a Single Website.  It is a Network.

  • Not a destination but the platform to spread your message
  • The network provides Digital Brand Presence throughout the online world
  • Interconnected network online and offline

Online:  LLN Hub websites, social media platforms and groups, Google, internet radio,  internet video

Offline:  Global business & not for profit network groups and events

Pull Marketing

  • Not pushing out messaging, but having customers pull themselves into the discussion with your brand
  • Cut through the noise by being there when people search
  • LLN puts what people are looking for right under their nose when and how they are looking for it

Brand Building

  • Not just an ad or static listing
  • Creating & enhancing your digital brand presence through informative and entertaining expert content
  • Creating a relationship by adding a voice to your brand
  • Maximizing Google for your business presence

Constant Flow of New Visitors

  • Constantly reach new audiences through the power of the network

Traffic Generating Website

  • Whether you use your Signature Page instead of or in addition to your current website, it provides a powerful stream of traffic

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