Brand Building
  • Not just an ad, promote your brand
  • Connect on a much deeper level
  • Consumers need to know and trust your brand
  • Experience your full brand (expertise, tone, mission, differentiation, value) consistently
  • Online relationships rivaling the power of in-person networking
  • Improving your brands performance on Google
Be Found
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not enough
Content is King
  • Internet has put customers in charge; Pull not push marketing
  • Use articles to help customers find you – they are searching for expertise and answers not necessarily your brand
  • Content replaces traditional marketing efforts
Search engine traffic
  • Longevity of articles keeps your presence strong over time
  • LLN Content Generation System
  • Syndication Peer Network uses the collective power of multiple contributors
  • Social media promotional systems easily spread your message through the online world
  • Digital Dominance Index Methodologies assist in  optimizing social and mobile audiences
  • Google-optimized funnel for you and your message


  • Reach Your prospects multiple times a month
  • 16 messages in Brand Maximizer
  • 9 messages in Brand Booster
  • Readers opt-in to messaging
Personalized Program
  • 5-Point Company Website Audit
  • Content Creation based on your marketing plan
Get your brand noticed, trusted and followed
  • Effectively reach your target
  • Be found by searching prospective customers
Value-added Digital Presence Services and Training
  • Full Company Website Audit
  • Strategic Social Media Plan
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Creation
  • Video Creation
  • Addition Company Pages to make your Signature Page more robust

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